Monday, March 13, 2006

whatever the last title was +/- 2

two more days until five
day vacation. the best part
is that other than no fun
fest on saturday, i've made
no real plans. althought,
the likelyhood that i'll end
up in a park playing frisbee
by myself looms large. if
you've never played frisbee
solo, you are in for treat.
you know the feeling of
thinking you'll never catch
a frisbee because of the
arc and trajectory-math
involved but you turn on
the jets and the frisbee
dies in the wind and you
end up catching it without
having to dive? its like
that, but ALL THE TIME.
no more having to stop and
throw it to some ass clown.

    pomes [sic].
    late night walk.
    a beer.

now reading:
websters collegiate dictionary, 11th ed.
rip it up and start again - simon reynolds
confederates in the attic - tony horwitz


aimee said...

yeah, it's still SUPER freakin' dorky that you're reading the disctionary cover to cover.

carl said...

don't be such an ergot-ridden ermine