Monday, March 20, 2006

thanks aimee for the 17" drum

and instantly,
i'm in a jazz-trance...

no fun fest = yes fun fest
seeing bloodyminded = #1
seeing hive mind = #2
bowery street vendors = #3

nyc was another
sensory overload,
again. love it.

pictures posted
over here

    while walking around east 3rd
    and taking photos, a fellow
    informed me that if i took his
    picture, he'd beat me with his
    "shoes, fists, and assortment
    of harmful bric a brac." i asked
    him directions to "the wharfing
    district" to which he instantly
    straightened up, said something
    to effect of "t'bleffin to ave zi! zi!
    n'n'n'thens leffin LEFFIN!!!!"
    [hands in pocket, legs locked,
    one of those lean-forward yells]

purchased anselm berrigan's
new book of poems as well.
read it on the bus ride home.
twice. three times, a lady.

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ORGAN 1 said...

carl please tell me you went and saw the jews???