Sunday, March 05, 2006

st francis of the sea

dear diary.

so far rob's chapbooks are looking amazing.
dark pink (or light red) depending on your
cccp/ soviet union stance. black sea
creature with white mouth. both screen
printed. looks angry. its not. its a gentle
monster. tentacles are spoonable. i'm sorry
you had to find out this way, rob. still have
a couple kinks to work out. namely the
spelling of rob's maiden name. all will be
sorted out, pending federal cooperation
and rob's inevitable release from juvy.

in other news:
successfully deleted over 400 songs
from itunes. mostly remnants from my
short lived dixieland jazz phase.
if you're counting, thats 2.12GB.

quick poem written at work:


    an arsenal
    of ruffians.
    dept run by
    short legs.


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