Friday, March 10, 2006

put down that ho arse

finished cutting the covers
(45 in all) for rob's chapbook.
after a few more minor snips
to the stencil, they should be
printed in the next week. next
will be the final bit of formats
for the poems themselves,
then they get cut to size...

decided that the worst job
in pantheon on horrible jobs
goes to the arduous task
of cleaning out the wheels
on a shopping cart upon
closing of the supermarket.
this includes:

    long strands of hair
    long strands of fabric
    shoe laces
    elastic bands
    paper clippings
    plastic produce bags

i know, because i watched
a man clean the wheels of
several carts while waiting
to pay for my groceries. it
came to the point where i
truly felt superior then i
looked down and saw that
i was holding shampoo,
laundry detergent, and a
kit kat candy bar. when i
left: no eye contact. just
shame. on the plus side,
my "juicy green apple"
suave shampoo ($1.99)
smells like juicy green
apples. and you think i
don't eat any fruit...


aimee said...

i've seen you eat fruit. richard simmons to be exact.


carl said...

this is a no hate zone. go take your hate and spin it in a different zone such as, for instance, HELL.