Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the old kitchen sink locationer's office

two days off in a row.
i'm leaving what i should do
in your hands.

should I:

    - go to museum of fine arts
    - go to the town of arlington, briefly
    - go to lexington, see battle nostalgia
    - draw sea monsters
    - go buy paper for rob's chapbook
    - visit hospital, put smiles on invalids
    - go to store and buy a new ink mover
    - invest in credit union, pull out, lie to feds
    - go to the mall and fall asleep somewhere
    - do nothing, look out window

as of now, i'm leaning towards
working on rob's chapbook. but
the thought of creating a minor
credit union fiasco is enticing.

1 comment:

ORGAN 1 said...

buy paper for the chapbook and work on it! then draw sea monsters on it while you work! bam!