Sunday, March 26, 2006

bitten tids / "hats off to the head-less!"

finished the covers for
new &&ghetto cd. they
look like they'll sound.
that's the best kudos
i've received so far.
so good. next up is
FALCONS. a la rob.


managed total destruction
of a blick screen. blick
screens are horrible but,
they're cheap and good
for small one off projects.
or in my case, if you just
want to throw down paint.
that sounded dirty.
damn dirty.


i've decided that my worst
fear ISN'T slipping on black
ice and falling under an
approaching bus/truck,
but rather, the guy in the
drug-rug/poncho thing
who hangs out at the linden
superette and says shit like
"wa'sup mang?" to me even
though he's a pasty lad
in a drug-rug and sandals.
i also fear change, but
not as much. perhaps,
if i had to choose, i'd still
be affraid of slipping on
black ice and falling
under an oncoming bus.


i'm addicted to The Office.
BBC version, of course.


that's about it. today
someone at work asked
if anything interesting had
happened to me lately. i
thought about it for a
moment, and replied,

1 comment:

aimee said...

carl. vince noir said it best:

"it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho"


makes total sense now, right?