Friday, March 31, 2006

whatever the last title was +/- 2

happy birthday, roxie
(&&ghetto office cat)

i know you wanted
some new toys, but
money is tight, so
in its stead, i'll let
you eat some of my
sandwich, b'day girl

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

portable legs / "early morning risers"

you can now laugh
at my record collection.
just click on the red
box to the right.

the who v. porky pig

found a copy of john berryman's
77 dream songs from 1964
today. FOR FREE. thank you work
related perks. thank you and your
golden locks of freebie hair. did
i mention the inscription?

    january 1971

    dear haidee, "...then came a departure..."
    but no really - only a geographical bi-
    modality, as it were. but perhaps a
    departure, too, for you - a time of new
    beginnings and a new present; ergo a
    new future. be happy. gregor.

sounds like gregor
got his ass dumped.

i would've chosen the more
biting "come away, mr bones"
from song 77. but hey, i never
new haidee. i did however,
know someone who used to
do latch hook craft projects
and read most of the dystopic
"marvel 2099" comic books.
that special little warrior? me.

hooray for latch hook.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

year of the hog facade

"your ass is stinky
from sitting all day."

Monday, March 27, 2006



thinning hair on the
extinct acrylic of the
skyline. an aired-out
skull is an abatoir for
well ideas; hence the
thinning hair, he says.
as a gambler, always
bet your feet. accrued
abject failure on vhs?
being poor sure does.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

bitten tids / "hats off to the head-less!"

finished the covers for
new &&ghetto cd. they
look like they'll sound.
that's the best kudos
i've received so far.
so good. next up is
FALCONS. a la rob.


managed total destruction
of a blick screen. blick
screens are horrible but,
they're cheap and good
for small one off projects.
or in my case, if you just
want to throw down paint.
that sounded dirty.
damn dirty.


i've decided that my worst
fear ISN'T slipping on black
ice and falling under an
approaching bus/truck,
but rather, the guy in the
drug-rug/poncho thing
who hangs out at the linden
superette and says shit like
"wa'sup mang?" to me even
though he's a pasty lad
in a drug-rug and sandals.
i also fear change, but
not as much. perhaps,
if i had to choose, i'd still
be affraid of slipping on
black ice and falling
under an oncoming bus.


i'm addicted to The Office.
BBC version, of course.


that's about it. today
someone at work asked
if anything interesting had
happened to me lately. i
thought about it for a
moment, and replied,

Friday, March 24, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

thanks aimee for the 17" drum

and instantly,
i'm in a jazz-trance...

no fun fest = yes fun fest
seeing bloodyminded = #1
seeing hive mind = #2
bowery street vendors = #3

nyc was another
sensory overload,
again. love it.

pictures posted
over here

    while walking around east 3rd
    and taking photos, a fellow
    informed me that if i took his
    picture, he'd beat me with his
    "shoes, fists, and assortment
    of harmful bric a brac." i asked
    him directions to "the wharfing
    district" to which he instantly
    straightened up, said something
    to effect of "t'bleffin to ave zi! zi!
    n'n'n'thens leffin LEFFIN!!!!"
    [hands in pocket, legs locked,
    one of those lean-forward yells]

purchased anselm berrigan's
new book of poems as well.
read it on the bus ride home.
twice. three times, a lady.

Friday, March 17, 2006

i would like a hundred hugs.

taking a break from
writing. not much to
say tonight, other than:

"the most surprising conclusion
i can draw from these results is that
most superheroes were not inherently

explaination | here


i'm off to ny, ny
for no fun fest.

see you at the,
uh, merch table.

Monday, March 13, 2006

whatever the last title was +/- 2

two more days until five
day vacation. the best part
is that other than no fun
fest on saturday, i've made
no real plans. althought,
the likelyhood that i'll end
up in a park playing frisbee
by myself looms large. if
you've never played frisbee
solo, you are in for treat.
you know the feeling of
thinking you'll never catch
a frisbee because of the
arc and trajectory-math
involved but you turn on
the jets and the frisbee
dies in the wind and you
end up catching it without
having to dive? its like
that, but ALL THE TIME.
no more having to stop and
throw it to some ass clown.

    pomes [sic].
    late night walk.
    a beer.

now reading:
websters collegiate dictionary, 11th ed.
rip it up and start again - simon reynolds
confederates in the attic - tony horwitz

Saturday, March 11, 2006


overheard in hardware store,
centre st, jamaica plain:

    jamaica plain, baby!
    it's the motherland!


Friday, March 10, 2006

grand total gangs

possible birthday
card greeting:

    may the world be your
    great big wet dumpster.

put down that ho arse

finished cutting the covers
(45 in all) for rob's chapbook.
after a few more minor snips
to the stencil, they should be
printed in the next week. next
will be the final bit of formats
for the poems themselves,
then they get cut to size...

decided that the worst job
in pantheon on horrible jobs
goes to the arduous task
of cleaning out the wheels
on a shopping cart upon
closing of the supermarket.
this includes:

    long strands of hair
    long strands of fabric
    shoe laces
    elastic bands
    paper clippings
    plastic produce bags

i know, because i watched
a man clean the wheels of
several carts while waiting
to pay for my groceries. it
came to the point where i
truly felt superior then i
looked down and saw that
i was holding shampoo,
laundry detergent, and a
kit kat candy bar. when i
left: no eye contact. just
shame. on the plus side,
my "juicy green apple"
suave shampoo ($1.99)
smells like juicy green
apples. and you think i
don't eat any fruit...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ever on goes the road o'wolf eyes

last night was sort of like
an active fresh scented
speed stick deodorant
jamboree, and wolf eyes
was invited. show was
a smash. lost about
five pounds through
sweating. slammed
heads. fist pumps!

Monday, March 06, 2006

avatars to sinking ships / "register poems"


    scroll finials.
    some slipping
    of a moustache
    like a shirt collar
    for a nose in two.


    one cent deaths'
    rattle river. my
    professional life
    giving avatars
    to sinking ships.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

st francis of the sea

dear diary.

so far rob's chapbooks are looking amazing.
dark pink (or light red) depending on your
cccp/ soviet union stance. black sea
creature with white mouth. both screen
printed. looks angry. its not. its a gentle
monster. tentacles are spoonable. i'm sorry
you had to find out this way, rob. still have
a couple kinks to work out. namely the
spelling of rob's maiden name. all will be
sorted out, pending federal cooperation
and rob's inevitable release from juvy.

in other news:
successfully deleted over 400 songs
from itunes. mostly remnants from my
short lived dixieland jazz phase.
if you're counting, thats 2.12GB.

quick poem written at work:


    an arsenal
    of ruffians.
    dept run by
    short legs.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

hagler v. hagler (but bigger)

getting ready to clean
the kitchen. i'm fighting
funk with funk. i got

objective 1: fridge.
or as i like to call it,
the place where our
food goes to die.
if it sags or drips,
its getting tossed.
my apologies.

objective 2: sink.
yes, i wash my
printing screens
in the sink.

objective 3: odor.
locate source of
funk, drop the bass,
raise the treble.

objective 4: pride.
see above, but
substitute "funk"
with "pride"

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

the old kitchen sink locationer's office

two days off in a row.
i'm leaving what i should do
in your hands.

should I:

    - go to museum of fine arts
    - go to the town of arlington, briefly
    - go to lexington, see battle nostalgia
    - draw sea monsters
    - go buy paper for rob's chapbook
    - visit hospital, put smiles on invalids
    - go to store and buy a new ink mover
    - invest in credit union, pull out, lie to feds
    - go to the mall and fall asleep somewhere
    - do nothing, look out window

as of now, i'm leaning towards
working on rob's chapbook. but
the thought of creating a minor
credit union fiasco is enticing.