Monday, February 27, 2006

giant GABUNZA 50% sale at work

and the next person who
comes in and shouts out
"gabunza!" in a horrible
and insulting asian accent
will get a swift headbutt
to their throat, courtesy
of yours truly. my only
request that that person
be tall, because i can't
crouch or squat and THEN
headbutt. i need to be
standing upright.

also, gabunza is a term
the owner came up with.
i think it means something
zen-like. like the sale
is so huge that you can't
even see it. its everywhere.
huge, like fog. ...
in other words, i have no
idea what it means.

and with major sales
in bookstores, you
invariably get the "well
i normally wouldn't buy
this for $4.99, but for
$2.50, i'm more than
willing to broaden my
knowledge of maine's
highway infrastructure",
and the old ladies
who seemingly seem content
with throwing their
S.S money at me for
partially damaged, and
non-refundable goods.

i love you,

1 comment:

ORGAN 1 said...

dear carl,

do you remember the name of the manuscript i sent you? the name of my collection? because if you pick up the new issue of the believer and flip over to the ed ruscha interview done by some spiny Vmagazine editor, look to the heading title for the first section of the interview.

notice anything!?!