Monday, February 27, 2006

giant GABUNZA 50% sale at work

and the next person who
comes in and shouts out
"gabunza!" in a horrible
and insulting asian accent
will get a swift headbutt
to their throat, courtesy
of yours truly. my only
request that that person
be tall, because i can't
crouch or squat and THEN
headbutt. i need to be
standing upright.

also, gabunza is a term
the owner came up with.
i think it means something
zen-like. like the sale
is so huge that you can't
even see it. its everywhere.
huge, like fog. ...
in other words, i have no
idea what it means.

and with major sales
in bookstores, you
invariably get the "well
i normally wouldn't buy
this for $4.99, but for
$2.50, i'm more than
willing to broaden my
knowledge of maine's
highway infrastructure",
and the old ladies
who seemingly seem content
with throwing their
S.S money at me for
partially damaged, and
non-refundable goods.

i love you,

pms [sic]


    two and a half laps
    around concourse a.
    curt heirs to parlor
    stools, sag. some of
    the women lie to me.
    a flatbed, hairnets,
    chiefly british, sag.
    paunchy conde nast
    rucksacks. show me
    the electric stairs!


    to kentucky heat, three on
    the doorstep, the thin of
    a ranch slept t'the right,
    aye drunk! a rented room
    all alone, saddle mattress
    I developed from cashy
    lady, she was ideal, via
    flapping flags, goodbye
    goldenrods, and rigors,
    and dry towns, goodbye.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

gold rooms / "videogame lords"


tomorrow night: screen printing
madness. cd covers. hardcore
octopus! black! like if winslow
homer was commissioned to
do metal records.

tonight: writing.
background: gris gris.
apt. temp: 85

    its the price i pay for
    having heat included
    in the rent. sure i lose
    a few pounds and all
    the houseplants have
    died, but with the $$
    i'm saving, i can buy
    new plants and lbs.

breaks over,
back to work.


Friday, February 24, 2006

fast service'n a hun'

the one, and the only,
hopefully the only,

its the Osmonds

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



    you could hold
    the dust of the thirties
    far behind.

    then the dust
    left you.


    the fraud holding
    bluffs of smoked up
    heirloom earshots.
    the war for loans'
    been exhausted.


    bollix up keep
    the masculine legs
    of my suitcase a

    cold poorway
    of piss-hats


    cardboard dresses
    to board. vehement
    undressings. un-

    pluggings. a life
    of a traipsing.


    pier paolo died
    in a portmanteau.
    alm ads on poor
    memorials for
    each horseface.

Monday, February 20, 2006

no title


    insensitive names
    inspired by cleaning

    smelly o'chlorox
    wilhem von white cat fur
    david shitty
    swiffy mcbroomcheap
    mary anne penpickerupper
    pooper goethe
    guido laundry
    alejandro changejar



60's SF music scene
posters on display
at the MFA

Saturday, February 18, 2006

portable legs / "early morning risers"

so much for my spring

in: no fun fest tickets.
march 17-19th. brooklyn.

off to stationary store
for pens and date stamp.

i'm a champion of
regal living.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

spring early

"i can hear the grass grow"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

also, if anyone wants to
go to no fun fest in march,
email me and we can
meet up and geek out
amidst noise music.
or i will, at least. alone.
so so very alone.

my camera, my notebook, and me (or I)

tomorrow: a walking adventure.

plan thus far:

    take bus to sullivan sq. (photos)
    walk to mystic power plant (photos)
    walk up to chelsea
    take bridge to shipyard (photos)
    cross over into the charlestown area
    catch 92/93 bus downtown
    eat pizza somewhere (write)
    go to twisted village records (blow $$$)
    head home, dinner (write)
    print up poems, then----

this way thursday
is completely free.

hooray for the

bon voyage,

p.s. wish me luck.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

mascot first ballot sixer

please begin your
journey | here

wolf eyes mov

wolf eyes mov
from TT's show | here

if you look
carefully, i'm
up front on the
left, by the sheet
of metal. rocky
fist pumper.


catching up with the
great g.j. parra | here

when you forget the name of a restaurant: fib

"well, yes. there is a sit-down
restaurant two blocks down
called The Manhole.
its zagat rated."

Sunday, February 12, 2006


ccurent painting project.
click to enlarge.

akuma no uta / slalom knocks

    currently painting to | boris

thought about giving you my
accu-weather forcast. didn't.
instead i will say that my sarcasm
has risen sharply due to the
impending 36 inches of snow.
everytime someone asks me
"how much snow we gettin?"
i kick the exaggerated total
up a few. and since ias just
asked, i'm going with the bold
prediction, of 48 inches.

if i had a tv, i'd be all up
in giant slalom's face.
i am a sucker for human
intrest stories. especially
the ones that typically
manifest in the giant
slalom circles.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

&&ghetto equipment

    tomorrow, we rock.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

zz carl

tonight, and tonight
only: zz carl.

    top three
    zz top songs:

    1. under pressure (100 fist pumps/min)
    2. sleeping bag (76 fist pumps/min)
    3. cheap sunglasses (75 fist pumps/min)

[the 2nd "z" in "zz top"
stands for "zzFILTHY!"
re: the "el loco LP" era.]

Monday, February 06, 2006


back to writing.


instead of restaurants with bathrooms,
there should be bathrooms with
restaurants. sure nine out of the ten
times you use the bathroom you
probably were not hungry. but
think about that one time. and
how great it would've been to
look to your left, and saw some
sandwiches or a deli spread.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

honda' handle forty'iv 'em

in honor of the super bowl,
i present and honor to detroit,
that wonderful museum of
post war decay! | here

fav: art center/parking garage

also check out the very old
and very abandoned Michigan
Central Station | here
and | here

Friday, February 03, 2006

stopping of the presses

"i'm still waiting for the day
when they call a meeting just
for the sole purpose of
watching [name deleted]'s
head explode.... it'll be like
going to a gallagher show."

not to toot my own horn,
but sometimes my killing
of two birds with one stone
crack me up. in this case,
i get to blow off work
steam, by doubling it w/
the inevitable gallagher
knock. i don't even care
if i'm spelling his name

Thursday, February 02, 2006

coming soon!

currently in production:

    The Mt. Tom Poems - short poems #1-25

    Live, From Hell - short poems #26-50

cool off kid printer

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


my dogs are barkin'

day off tomorrow.

    give em th' old
    strumpet eye!


    we're a lot like
    hearns v hagler!