Thursday, January 12, 2006

jukebox (reprise)

golden earring - golden earring

you might remember them from "radar love" when you should really
remember them for the awesome train wreck that is "i'm gonna send
my pigeons to the sky". this song truly underscores the liberty bands
"back then" took in using everyday actions (in this case, a rock n'roll
diplomat sent from the future via an altered time/space continuum
to proclaim "stop with the wars... n'stuff!" only be told to pipe down
which causes the RnR diplomat to unleash a bass solo so heavy,
upon hearing it, one is able to inexplicably tie their shoelaces with
their ass-cheeks) and turning them into metaphors for huffing pcp in
your friend's garage. either that, or this record is just big collective
"man, that rod stewart dude is sort of fruity, huh?"
their words. not mine.

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