Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the swamp thing v the sweet thaaaang

successfully prepared
and filed my taxes.

didn't see any handy
"gizmo deductions"


found time to flip
through new issue
of wire. its the
annual year in re-
wind issue. makes
great dinner conv.

    possible british psueds:

      eisenhower fabb
      stag johns
      beatrice hamm
      ford f. forsythe 3rd
      peter simon-hogg
      gordie st john
      delia manwarning
      bruce derbyshire
      axl rose

Saturday, January 28, 2006

with nothing left to say, i say this

hello. back from vac.

started a photo blog | here

to hell with

Saturday, January 21, 2006


still on vacation.
please enjoy the lamp.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

vacation post #one

just finished metal mania
on vh1-classic. awesome
videos by malmsteen, judas
priest, over kill, and for
the first time ever, i was
able to watch the iron man
video by sabbath on a tv
screen larger than ten inches.
the magnitude of this event
can not be put into words.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

random liners (notebook to notebooks)

one more day of work until
vacation. two weeks. packing
light. or lite. hitting the road
south. wayyy south. by the
time i get back, progress,
real progress, will be made
on The Public Mt. Tom
Pomes [sic]
. honest.
when i get back, that shit's
gonna hit the printer. stat.
pronto. asap. ev'thang
else will be on hold.


"i was a stranger just yesterday"

Friday, January 13, 2006

power of wrestling salad

any sears fitting room or
the pittsburgh greyhound station?


now i can paint with the windows open

hotter than hell in a
fridge outside!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

jukebox (reprise)

golden earring - golden earring

you might remember them from "radar love" when you should really
remember them for the awesome train wreck that is "i'm gonna send
my pigeons to the sky". this song truly underscores the liberty bands
"back then" took in using everyday actions (in this case, a rock n'roll
diplomat sent from the future via an altered time/space continuum
to proclaim "stop with the wars... n'stuff!" only be told to pipe down
which causes the RnR diplomat to unleash a bass solo so heavy,
upon hearing it, one is able to inexplicably tie their shoelaces with
their ass-cheeks) and turning them into metaphors for huffing pcp in
your friend's garage. either that, or this record is just big collective
"man, that rod stewart dude is sort of fruity, huh?"
their words. not mine.

the hidden fanged rattlesnake

found photo.
it's pre-spring(y)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

or "A Spacemen's Grasp of the Concept of Value"

walking up the four
flights of stairs to
my apartment is
sort of like playing
(((((((((((old school)
Donkey Kong

the 'papes

dude two tables down from me
claps his newspaper and looks in
my direction. i notice him and
look up from my paper. i go
back to reading. he coughs a bit
and says "didja heer 'bout ta
shootings in all-stuun?" and i
say "yeah, just read about it.
and he says "eyuh live ryeover
theh, y'know? bu i'duno
whuh theh papers a'sayin,
y'know." to which i respond
w/ "......................." and he
just looks at me and grins.
he keeps staring at me.
still staring at me. i look at
him and ask "so did you
do it?" to which he responded
....oh i'duno."

i then wished i had my
recorder on me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

return of the fog walker


just odered the three
new cassettes. they
will be my vacation

Monday, January 09, 2006

randon band names (with genre)

    The Who vs. Porky Pig (rock)
    The St. Che Orchestra Players (chamber)
    The Stomacher Now (jazz quintet)
    aids (motivational)*
    Death Creation (metal)
    The Plastic Hair of the 1980's Miles Davis (psych-jazz)
    turdflute (power noise)
    The Epicene Sisters or Brothers (alt country)

*not to be confused with
the disease.

dolby nr on/off

read "Be Honest--You're Not That Into Him Either"
on my lunch break. diagnosis: she's just not that
into me.

on a side note, i also flipped though
"why men love bitches" .

decided i'm just not into bitches.
well, maybe these bitches

rules /// brown ones



    "like british people
    and reggae. odd!"

Sunday, January 08, 2006

blob dylan

customer just bought a copy
of the kama sutra and a book
on how to make long distance
romances work. i was tempted
to advise that he buy a book
on dsl internet. you don't
want to have to do cyber-sutra
on a 14 kb/s connection.

that's just plain silly.

steinbeck back-bones adj.

new hobby- taking train outbound
to last stop, boston college out
and walking all the way back home
with total tape rot HIVEMIND "death tone"
cassette at max volume on half
broken walkman. and having to
flip sides by the time the resevoir
appears. then over washington st
crossing and sit under some tree
in front of some research lab
for a sec. then flip back to side A.
stroll home. back to writin'

Saturday, January 07, 2006



its the end of one of the
shittiest weeks ever.

what got my through
the shittiest week ever?

reminding myself that
i'll always have my
Fall records.....
always. as proof, their
went from #7 to #1
in my itunes top 25.

Friday, January 06, 2006

grizzly man (2005)

finished watching GRIZZLY MAN
a movie by w.herzog.

if i could sum it up in one
sentence, it would be:

"if a drug-dude
and a grizzly bear
decided to mate, this
movie would eat
their baby."

more info | here

windsor mccay (1869-1934)

here he is | windsor mccay

every other day of my life
is a windsor mccay comic.

big time art/poem-inspirer
especially "Dream of a Rarebit Fiend".
its up there with zukofsky's "A"

ghost of the previous post

KILLER trip to blick
art store. canvas is
70 percent off. oil
stick though, still
a bit pricey.

      top 3 BLUE CHEER
      songs to listen to
      while replying to

      parchman farms
      doctor please
      come and get it


ARM SLASHER + itunes

creation on new itunes
folder called "HANKAARON"

    word to the wise,
    duct tape does not
    = a band aid substitute.

    if you're going to be
    cheap about it, just
    steal some from work

Thursday, January 05, 2006

five lined / "moon enslavement"


the out-dance
of jersey-refinery
at twilight

the heavy visits
to new where


irascible hats.
the iron radiator
lip. best western
lion tamer maid
staff. choleric.


you could hold
the dust of the thirties
far behind.

then the dust
left you.


the fraud holding
bluffs of smoked up
heirloom earshots
the war for loans

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

create your own visited states map

1/2 nautical almanac

carly ptak | photo

awkward 2006

went to the grocery store.
bought razor blades and
a loaf of bread. the clerk
rang up the items and
shot me a confused look.
i shot back a shit eating
grin as best i could. it
was one of those times
when i wished my fear
of self checkout wasn't
so steadfast.

back to 2am walks
by myself? nnnnnnn-yes.

recording the flats of others

apartment fumigation day #7
(or 8 or so). did what any self-
respecting man would've done
in this situation: bought pants.
(new ones. i do own pants).

thank you also to aimee
for the Fugs record (an
original ESP LP too boot).
that was the LP snob in
me coming out. here he
comes again: bob segar
sucks. not LP snobbery
per se, but still...


best mail day EVER.

grand total gangs

buddha machine: arrived!

directions: all in japanese!
already ran it through an
overloaded mixer.

sounds: killer!

the nighter the lighters went outers






article on silver apples
get up/set up | here

Tuesday, January 03, 2006